Waste Management

Waste Management



Potentially healthier communities and increased community capacity are resulting from a new training program initiated by the MacDonnell Shire Council.

A Land Management and Environmental Health program is giving Indigenous shire workers the necessary skills to manage community refuse programs

Area manager with MacDonnell Shire Council, Graham Murnik, said the first round of training just completed at Papunya was embraced enthusiastically by participants from Mt Liebig, Papunya, and Haasts Bluff.

The course encompasses the actual collection of waste and litter control, environmental health strategies, and the management of land fill facilities in line with council guidelines.

“It ensures employees are aware of their responsibilities for providing better waste management practices in their communities,” Mr Murnik said.

“It gives employees the confidence to manage all aspects of the refuse cycle, including community and environmental health issues like preventing the seepage of contaminants into ground water supplies.

“The upshot is that there will be cleaner communities, with better waste-management practices and potentially healthier residents,” he said.

The course is inspiring enthusiasm with many new and innovative ideas now coming forward from attendees on how to better manage their own waste facilities.

Employees who complete the training will have a certificate based qualification in Land Management and Environmental Health.

Mr Murnik believes there are a number of other benefits arising from the course.

“It gives employees incentives to work in new ways in their community with new cooperation and communication.

“It also makes staff aware of the importance of taking personal responsibility for waste management including litter control, and not just treating it as ‘some-one else’s’ job.”

The next component of the training will be held at Mt Liebig with trainees attending from across the Pintubi Luritja Ward.

“We will be pleased if like Papunya, we get an increase in the number of attendees as the course progresses due to its relevance and interest it generates,” Mr Murnik said.

All relevant staff working within the area of waste management in the MacDonnell Shire will have completed the program within 18 months.

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