Ltyentye Apurte / Santa Teresa

Ltyentye Apurte / Santa Teresa


Ltyentye Apurte is 82 kms south east of Alice Springs and forms part of the Rodinga Ward.


Access is by road via Alice Springs.  The road is unsealed (68km) & rocky in parts and may cause problems after rain.  There are numerous feral horses & cattle in the region that pose a significant road hazard.

MacDonnell Regional Council Services

Services provided to Santa Teresa from the MacDonnell Regional Council include:

Works - Roads, Parks and Cemetry Maintenance & Waste Management

Essential Services - Water & Sewerage

Tenancy - Management, Housing repairs and maintenance

Community Services - Community Safety (Night Patrol) & Youth Development.


It was established as a Catholic Mission. It housed people from Alice Springs who had resided in two different locations, including Arltunga, where a lack of water forced closure of this mission after only ten years. 

Santa Teresa came into being in 1952 following granting of a lease by the Commonwealth Government of 124,000 hectares of land.

Ltyentye Apurte is known for its beautiful setting, its sacred spring, the horsemanship of locals and their football prowess.

The team has even played in Melbourne at the MCG. 

The current estimated population is 643 residents. 

Santa Teresa

Infrastructure and Community Life

The town is divided into four areas: East Side, New Houses, Old Village and Throught the fence.  These areas are used by different family groups in accordance with cultural practice.

Other facilities include: General store, Fuel supply, School, Childcare creche, Aged Care program, Church, Art and Craft centre, Helath Clinic, Police Station, Centrelink Agency, Post OFfice, Indoor Sp[orts Centreand Swimming Pool.

Alcohol is banned from Santa Teresa, with severe penalties applying to residents and visitors who breach this law.


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