Utju / Areyonga

Utju / Areyonga

Utju, in the Iyarrka Ward, is located in a spectacular valley, about 220 kms west of Alice Springs.

It has a population of around 300, with residents originally coming from the Petermann Ranges in the 1920's.

Pitjantatjara people were forced to leave the Docker River area by long running drought, moving first to Hemannsburg, and then to the Utju area.

The Lutheran Church founded a settlement in the 1940's.

Over the next decades people began returned to their homeland. The Lutherans closed the mission in 1990, with the remaining local people reclaiming control of the community as part of the Haasts Bluff Aboriginal Land Trust.

The community also has a number of Arrernte and Walpiri people.

Despite being a relatively small population, it is a vital community with an arts centre, swimming pool, community hall and a weekly air service.

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