All Local Authorities elected and endorsed

28 May 2014

Local Authorities have now been established in all 13 community areas of the MacDonnell Regional Council. Local Authorities replace Local Boards and have been established as the main plank to the Northern Territory Government’s reforms to local government.

“Local Boards have always played an important role of representing the voice of the community at a grass roots level. The new Local Authorities will continue and expand upon this vital role” MacDonnell Regional Council CEO, Jeff MacLeod said.

While bearing many similarities to the previous Local Boards there are some key differences. Most notably Local Authorities will have more involvement in planning and budgeting for their area and will have more regular meetings to keep across the progress of their planning. The new Local Authorities will also work closely with Councillors and MacDonnell Regional Council staff to fulfil each area’s vision.

“Local Authorities will advise Council on the identified priorities for each Local Authority area” Jeff MacLeod said.

“For our Council, this means our work should be reflecting what communities want for themselves, not what we want for them. This does not mean that the Council can take responsibility for everything the community wants; it is the responsibility of all stakeholders and community members to achieve a vision. The Council can help by listening to what each community wants, and developing partnerships and relationships that help us get there.” MacDonnell Regional Council President, Sid Anderson said.

Across the MacDonnell Regional Council outgoing Local Board members, prospective Local Authority nominees and the broader communities came together to discuss the new changes and to seek and finalise nominations for their area’s Local Authority.

At the recent Special Council Meeting on Friday 23 May Councillors adopted the MacDonnell Regional Council’s Draft Regional Plan for 2014-2018 and appointed the final Local Authorities ensuring all are ready to commence from 1 July.

“Each Local Authority Plan has informed the Regional Plan to ensure equity and representation within the 2014/15 budget. Council is extremely fortunate that many of the long standing members of the Local Boards have transitioned into the new Local Authorities, bringing with them a wealth of experience and local knowledge” MacDonnell Regional Council CEO, Jeff MacLeod said.

MacDonnell Regional Council trains and supports its constituents following their appointment to the Local Authorities and through the establishment of Youth Boards fosters young leaders for the future.

“We want local community members to be trained up in governance so that they can speak to other community members about what good governance is. This training would allow them to communicate in language and outside of the formal setting.” MacDonnell Regional Council President, Sid Anderson said.

“MacDonnell Regional Council will continue to work with and develop the members of the Local Authorities to ensure the voice of the people will be heard and acted upon” MacDonnell Regional Council CEO, Jeff MacLeod said.

MacDonnell Regional Council’s Draft Regional Plan for 2014-2018 is available for inspection at their public office at the corner of South Terrace and Bagot Street, Alice Springs or from their website:

MacDonnell Regional Council invites written submissions on the Draft Regional Plan before 16 June 2014.

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