Whispers of change

27 March 2015

Residents of remote Central Australian Aboriginal communities are worried about their future. Article in The Centralian Advocate on Friday 27 March 2015.

The bush telegraph is suffering from some major faults on the line.

Information regarding the possible closure of communities in WA is filtering into remote Central Australia in snippets, through television and second-hand rumours, and residents are becoming increasingly confused as to what’s really happening.

Indigenous residents of outstations near Papunya are growing worried their homes will be next on the government’s chopping block and they will be forced to move into larger regional centres.

And vice versa, residents of Papunya are concerned that if these smaller communities are closed and people are shifted in it will result in a disastrous squeeze on their own resources and infrastructure.

Remote community leaders are calling for Federal Government heads to visit the bush and properly explain what is going on.

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