A message from the Council President

Werte and welcome to the Regional Plan for the MacDonnell Regional Council.

I begin with my congratulations to those councillors returned and a special welcome to the new councillors in the third council of the MacDonnell Regional Council. I also thank my colleagues in the chamber for returning me as your President.

My message to all who have been elected to Council is simply be strong, be honest and stand up for your communities. I look forward to the next four years as we work together for our Council and its Local Authorities.

Through our strategic planning processes we have an agreed focus on some main areas of interest.

As a major employer of Aboriginal people in our region it is important to find ways to make sure we remain a strong first choice in the local workforce. Through our history as an employer it is important for our support and advice to be utilised by other employers and the other levels of government.

Aboriginal enterprises and tourism are identified as needing greater levels of support to become significant employers in the future. Our role in the communities means our voice and our experiences are important in the development of future industries and employment opportunities. Housing continues to be a priority in our communities. More houses and improvements to existing houses is still needed to help address severe overcrowding. Council has an important role and is well positioned to provide the contracted services required to improve and maintain decent housing.

MacDonnell Regional Council does speak up strongly to both of the other levels of government on all these priorities. We work with the two other levels of government in the good faith that together we will make our communities better places to live.

Another priority we continue to work toward is the development of young leaders. We know our young people are challenged by differences between our culture and new technologies and other things. To help them be better understood and respected community members, Council is continuing to support Youth Boards as a way to hear the ideas of young people and help them become confident leaders in their communities.

Not only do I like travelling through our beautiful country but I love meeting residents in all our communities. Talking with them. Learning what is happening in their lives and learning how council can improve their lives.

I like MacDonnell Regional Council’s mission to improve the lives of Council residents by delivering valued and relevant services. I feel proud when I think back over our first ten years as a local government and see the changes we have brought to peoples’ lives.

My hope for the future is to keep everything on track. We have made some important changes in our first 10 years. We look forward to continually improving our communities and helping our residents to achieve better living standards.

Roxanne Kenny
MacDonnell Regional Council