The community of Kintore began in the early 1980s when Pintubi people moved back to their traditional homelands from the government settlement of Papunya. Know locally as Walungurru, Kintore is situated 530km west of Alice Springs in the Pintubi homelands.

The community forms part of the Luritja Pintubi Ward of the MacDonnell Regional Council as its population of 454 residents are predominantly Pintubi speakers with a small population of Luritja and some Warlpiri people.

Services provided in Kintore by the MacDonnell Regional Council include cemetery maintenance, rubbish collection and tip maintenance, internal roads maintenance, parks and open spaces and sporting grounds including a swimming pool.

On behalf of the Northern Territory Government, the Council provides airstrip maintenance as well as Commonwealth Government funded services, including children’s services, youth development services and night patrol services. Council is also contracted by Power Water Corporation to maintain the power, water and sewerage facilities, Australia Post to provide postal delivery services and by Centrelink to provide its services through an agency in its Council office.

Other facilities of the Kintore community include a Clinic, School, Community Council, Art Centre, Police Station and Women’s Centre.