Council to elect a new President

22 February 2016

At the Ordinary Meeting of the MacDonnell Regional Council this Friday 26 February, an immediate item of business will be to accept the resignation of Sid Anderson from the role and elect another Councillor as their new President.

Following the council’s last ordinary meeting, where President Anderson announced his intention to resign from the executive role due to health issues, the council’s prime leadership position has become open for discussion among the Councillors.

President Anderson’s announcement allowed his fellow Councillors a good amount of time to consider their new leadership ambitions to take them to the next local government elections in August 2017.

The successor to the prime leadership role will be appointed by Council through an internal secret ballot at their meeting this Friday.

Media opportunity: Voting for the executive position of President will be done by secret ballot at the next Ordinary Council Meeting:
at 10am on Friday 26 February 2016
in the Regional Council Chambers on Gap Road (opposite the Alice Springs Hospital)

Media is welcome to attend ordinary meetings of the MacDonnell Regional Council.

Media opportunity: The outgoing and incumbent Presidents will be available for comment during the morning break after the ballot on Friday 26 February 2016.

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