Youth Development

Known on the ground as MacYouth, MacDonnell Regional Council run Youth Development programs collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies operating in the area that engage young people. These partnerships are run in nine Council communities and foster young people living in MacDonnell Council to have increased opportunities to develop their self-confidence and life skills.

With a strong focus on age appropriate programs for young people over 15 years old, MacYouth programs recognise and respond to the vulnerability of this age group. Programs such as nutrition, music industry skills, digital media production, hairdressing and fashion skills, cultural bush trips, arts, crafts, and sports including football, softball, soccer and basketball focus specifically on interest areas of the demographic.

Indigenous youth employment is a contributing factor in the development of a Music Industry Ranger program. Presented in conjunction with CAAMA Music and Charles Darwin University the program provides training for our Youth Workers in a range of skills that are valuable for gaining employment within the music industry. The program has also seen the facilitation of a Music Certificate training programs for young people in Hermannsburg and Santa Teresa.

A number of our local people this year were promoted from existing roles with MacYouth to those of Youth Engagement Officer and Youth Worker. This was enabled through development and mentoring support and on-going training programs underpinning the 79% indigenous employment rate in Youth Development.