Youth Services


1. Youth‐led

Our program design is led by young people; young people are our most valued stakeholder.

2. Strengths‐based

Our work with young people, and approach to staff development, recognises and builds off the strength of individuals & communities.

3. Inclusive

All young people are celebrated for who they are. We support young people to develop strong positive identities; valuing diversity in age, gender, ability, sexuality and interests.

4. Culturally relevant

Respect for culture shapes the way we work together and ensures our programs support young people to develop strong cultural identities.

5. Celebrating resilience

We recognise and celebrate the capacity of young people, families, communities and our teams to overcome challenges.


Our program engages young people ages 5-25 across our region, delivering regular youth program in Amoonguna, Areyonga (Utju), Docker River (Kaltukatjara), Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji), Hermannsburg (Ntaria), Imanpa, Finke (Aputula), Kintore (Walungurru), Mount Liebig (Watiyawanu), Papunya (Warumpi), Santa Teresa (Ltyentye Apurte) & Titjikala.

We deliver activities that engage young people in sport and recreation, cultural learning, health education, leadership development, safety and diversion & support to engage with engage with education, training and development. 

Young people in our region are playful, resourceful, quick learners, are supported by their family, connection to country and culture. In our region, young people are up against some pretty big challenges which can make it difficult to dream big, stay healthy and on the right track. We know that young people are always drawing skills, resources and their relationships to find ways to navigate these challenges. 

Our program aims to meet young people with support, respect and understanding. We aim to stand by young people, recognising their resilience, capacity for learning, strengths and hopes. Our program activities are structured to provide young people with diversity; opportunities to be challenged and engage with learning, new experiences & supported skills development. 

The design and delivery of our program is shaped by feedback from young people, and the leadership of local youth workers. A significant goal of our team is to transition toward a 100% local workforce, and we are proud to be on our way to achieving this with more than 80% Aboriginal employment. 


If you are interested in becoming a youth worker in your local community – we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call on 8958 9619

If you are interested in becoming a youth worker in a remote community, MacYouth regularly advertise for full time Youth Engagement Officers and Team Leaders.

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