The community of Amoonguna is located just outside the Alice Springs Municipality within the Rodinga Ward of MacDonnell Regional Council. Its 275 residents are mostly Eastern and Central Arrernte speakers.

Amoonguna is 21km from Alice Springs and just off the Ross Highway. All of Amoonguna’s access and internal roads are sealed, however during heavy and consistent rainfall however, the nearby Todd River can flood and the community may be cut off for a short period.

The MacDonnell Regional Council provides all general municipal services at Amoonguna including maintenance of internal roads, development and maintenance of parks, gardens, sports facilities including a recreation hall, animal control, construction and maintenance of firebreaks, garbage collection and construction and maintenance of rubbish tips.

In addition MacDonnell Council provides home care services, youth development, night patrol service and a community store. While the community is connected to the Alice Springs electricity network and water supply, MacDonnell Council is contracted by Power Water Corporation to maintain the water and sewerage facilities. Council is also contracted by Centrelink to provide services through an agency in the Council office.

A Health Clinic and Primary School both operate in Amoonguna independent of MacDonnell Regional Council.