Policies and Related Documents

The policies, registers and documents of MacDonnell Regional Council sit alongside the governing legislation of the Local Government Act 2019 providing a basis for all operations. The policies and documents below reflect Council’s commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability.

Assets and Infrastructure

Vehicle Use Policy

Finance and Audit

Asset Management Policy

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Audit Committee

Borrowing Policy

Credit Card Policy - Council/CEO

Finance and Risk Committee

Finance and Risk Committee Terms of Reference

Fringe Benefits Tax Policy

Investment Policy

Procurement Policy

Rates Concessions Policy

Related Parties Disclosure Policy

Stocktake Policy

Sufficient Interest in the Assessment Record Policy

Governance and Strategy

Caretaker Period Policy

Code of Conduct Policy - CEO

Conflict of Interest Policy - CEO

Customer Complaints and Feedback Policy

Declaring Gifts and Benefits Policy - CEO

Filling Casual Council Vacancies Policy

Mandatory Reporting Policy

Media Policy

Policy Development and Review Policy

Shared Services Policy

The National Redress Policy

Human Resources

Anti-Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy - Employees

Employees Code of Conduct Policy

Enterprise Agreement 2021

Gifts and Benefits Policy - Employees

Retention Policy

Special Measures Policy

Whistleblower Policy

ICT and Records

Digitisation and Disposal Policy

Privacy and Freedom of Information Policy

Records Management Policy

Vital Records Policy

Members and Council

Acceptance of Gifts and Benefits Policy

Allowances - Elected Members Policy

Allowances - Local Authority Appointed Members Policy

Attendance at meetings via audio or audio-visual conferencing system Policy

Audio Recordings of Meetings Policy

Breach of Code of Conduct Policy

Casting Vote Policy

Code of Conduct - Members

Confidential Information and Business Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Local Authority Projects and Discretionary Funding Policy

Meetings Policy

Members Policy

Travel and Accommodation Policy - Members

Risk and Safety

Fraud and Corruption Control Policy Protection Plan

Risk Management Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy