Council Subsidiary

CouncilBiz is a Local Government Subsidiary of eight Regional Councils of the Northern Territory and the Local Government Association of the Northern Territory. Along with the formation of Shire Councils (now Regional Councils) in 2008, CouncilBiz was established to facilitate their efficient provision of administration, information technology and financial services.

2020/21 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2019/20 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 1.7mb file)

2018/19 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 2mb file)

2017/18 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2016/17 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 2mb file)

2015/16 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 4mb file)

2014/15 CouncilBiz Annual Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2013/14 Councilbiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2012/13 CouncilBiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2011/12 CouncilBiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2010/11 CouncilBiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2009/10 Councilbiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

2008/09 Councilbiz Financial Report (downloadable 1mb file)

Constitution of a Local Government Subsidiary (CouncilBiz) (downloadable 1mb file)

Please visit the CouncilBiz website at: to obtained further information about this Council subsidiary.