Children's Services

Through its Children’s Services program, MacDonnell Regional Council delivers Out of School Hours Care in ten communities as well as Childcare and Vocational Care programs in nine of those communities. The Children’s Services programs work collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies and engages with families and children in the Council communities. These collaborative partnerships foster the child’s love for learning as they provide opportunities to develop children’s full potential while enabling parents and carers to build confidence and skills to make better informed decisions for their children.

“Children’s Services aims to provide early childhood services that ensure children are safe, healthy and given opportunities to reach their maximum potential”
Tracey Brand, Director Community Services

Providing early childhood services within the MacDonnell region offers children and families in remote Aboriginal communities a safe and healthy space that allows children to explore, discover and learn about their world and develop to their potential. Children’s Services also provides employment and training opportunities within the community with a 74% indigenous employment record.