Commercial Contracts

The maintenance and delivery of vital services that do not traditionally fit within usual local government operations are adopted by MacDonnell Regional Council for the betterment of its communities. In conjunction with municipal service delivery this underpins competent and reliable service delivery that can be difficult to ensure in the remote communities of Central Australia. 

MacDonnell Regional Council operates the Remote Essential Services of power, water and sewage on behalf of the Power Water Corporation at its 13 communities. Both parties are committed to developing the capacity of local community members to perform the Essential Services Operators’ roles and have arranged training to suit the needs of the remote trainees.  

Postal services are delivered by MacDonnell Regional Council on behalf of Australia Post from twelve of its Service Delivery Centres. Council also has a contract with the Australian Government Department of Human Services to deliver Centrelink Agent Services at twelve communities creating employment for both full time and part time positions totalling up to 25 Indigenous employees within MacDonnell Regional Council. These employees are supported on site by other Council staff. 

Community airstrip maintenance and operations are undertaken in nine of the more isolated communities. MacDonnell Regional Council also operates one community store at Amoonguna offering residents a core service to assist with these basic items and save the 14km journey to Alice Springs when taxis are the only available public transport.