Recreational Facilities

MacDonnell Regional Council is responsible for parks, public spaces and sports grounds in all its communities. Civil Works teams commit approximately two days a week to duties that include performing safety audits on playground equipment, upgrades and maintenance of facilities such as fences, shade structures, grassed areas, the provision of safety lighting, and to ensuring grass is kept short to minimise the risks from fires and snakes. 

Sporting Grounds, Parks and Open Spaces are developed and managed per the Council’s Service Delivery Standards Guidelines and progress is recorded against Service Levels on a Community Matrix. Maintenance and upgrading of ovals on thirteen communities and twelve softball pitches is also carried out by each Civil Works team and includes maintaining fences and softball backstops, installation of shade structures and seating, vegetation control and rubbish services.

Council also supports the popular community sports carnivals by grading and dragging playing surfaces prior to events and through the development and maintenance of associate infrastructure. MacDonnell Regional Council also maintains three swimming pools in the communities of Santa Teresa, Areyonga and Kintore.