MacDonnell Council election results

4 September 2017

The twelve members elected to the third council of the MacDonnell Regional Council where declared today by the NT Electoral Commission.

Elections were conducted in two of the four MacDonnell Regional Council wards. Final preference counting concluded for Luritja Pintubi Ward and Rodinga Ward over the weekend. The remaining two wards, Iyarrka Ward and Ljirapinta Ward, each received the same number of nominations as their required number of councillor positions so no vote was required in those wards.

Earlier today the NT Electoral Commission joined candidates and staff from the MacDonnell Regional Council and the Central Desert Regional Council at their shared council chambers at Bagot Street in Alice Springs to declare all election results.

The declared third council or the MacDonnell Regional Council includes:
Barry Abbott (returned representative for Ljirapinta Ward)
L Abbott (returned representative for Luritja Pintubi Ward)
Marlene Abbott (returned representative for Iyarrka Ward)
Sid Anderson (returned representative for Luritja Pintubi Ward)
Tommy Conway (newly elected representative for Luritja Pintubi Ward)
Susan Doolan (newly elected representative for Rodinga Ward)
Lynette Ellis (newly elected representative for Rodinga Ward)
Roxanne Kenny (returned representative for Ljirapinta Ward)
Selina Kulitja (returned representative for Iyarrka Ward)
Greg Sharman (returned representative for Rodinga Ward)
Braydon Williams (returned representative for Ljirapinta Ward)
Phillip Wilyuka (newly elected representative for Rodinga Ward)

The first meeting of the third council will be held on Friday 15 September in the council chambers. Their first order of business will be to elect their President and Deputy President.

All results for the 2017 NT Council elections can be found at the NT Electoral Commission website.

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