MacDonnell Regional Council welcomes its newest councillor

7 August 2018

Following a recent call for nominations, to fill a vacated position of councillor of the Luritja Pintubi ward, MacDonnell Regional Council welcomes its newest councillor, Sarah Stockman.

Having grown up in Papunya, Sarah Stockman has worked in administrative roles with service providers in her community. She currently works in an administrative role with the Papunya Clinic, is a School Attendance Officers for the Australian Government’s Remote School Attendance Strategy and is also growing up her own children in the community.

The call for nominations to stand as a candidate in the by election for councillor of the Luritja Pintubi ward were invited on 13 July 2018. Following the close of nominations at 12 noon on Friday 3 August, Ms Stockman was the only nominee and was declared duly elected as councillor of the Luritja Pintubi ward of the MacDonnell Regional Council by the NT Electoral Commission.

The by election was required following the retirement of long serving Councillor Anderson. Sid Anderson was elected to represent his ward three times and served on the MacDonnell Council since it was formed as a Shire in 2008. He was promoted to President in its first year by his fellow Councillors. He oversaw the Council through its formative years, bringing direction and stability, and guiding it to become a highly regarded local government of the Northern Territory.

The ward includes the communities of Kintore, Mt Liebig, Haasts Bluff and Papunya. Luritja Pintubi ward councillors attend Local Authority meetings in the communities of their ward and Council meetings in Alice Springs along with any of the 13 communities across the Council’s quarter-million-square-kilometre footprint.

After an induction to the processes of local government and the MacDonnell Regional Council, Councillor Stockman will attend her first Ordinary Council Meeting on Friday 31 August 2018 at the council offices in Areyonga.

See media release as PDF.